Academic programme

The academic programme of the Winter University Darmstadt combines seminars and field trips and German-as-a-foreign-language-classes. You can earn up to 4 ECTS credit points upon successful completion of the academic courses and 2 ECTS credit points for attending the German language course.

Business Module: International Marketing and Sales

The module 'International Marketing and Sales' (IMS) deals with the growing importance of Marketing Management for the success of a product and the company. In many industries the ever increasing product adaption and the fierce intensity of competition is placing specific demands on marketing and sales. The absence of differentiation potentials of the actual product can often be compensated by innovative sales and distribution concepts and channels, customer-focused advice and support, as well as effective processes and systems. At the same time sales plays a fundamental role for complex and innovative products and influences the economic success of a company. Empirical studies show e.g. the high success relevance of the sales process: besides product satisfaction, customer satisfaction in the actual sale and after service is a customer loyalty factor – or the reason for customer churn. As a result the sales department is gaining strategic importance with the company management. The teaching and learning contents and objectives as well as the structure of the module are geared mainly towards students of economics and business administration.

This module is composed of lectures and workshops. The lectures and workshops provide knowledge about the use of international marketing tools.

Students will learn how to manage complex international marketing concepts. Different requirements of BtoB and BtoC customer segments, various industries as well as of selling services or products are considered in this module study.

Social Sciences Module: Between Poverty and Conservation: Socio-Economics of Smallholder Farming in the Tropics

The conversion of forests and grasslands to intensively used agricultural land causes a substantial share of the global loss of plant and animal species. Much of the land conversion takes place in low-income countries in the tropics where the rural population struggles to overcome severe poverty. Even protected areas such as national parks are frequently under conversion pressure as small farming households (“smallholders”) encroach upon protected areas. In this course, we investigate landuse dynamics at several biodiversity “hotspots” using micro-level data on farming economics as well as analyses of local and regional institutional frameworks. Specifically, livelihood choices of smallholder farmers living at the edge of national parks in countries such as Indonesia, Madagascar, or Chile are studied. Insights are applied to assess policy options.

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German language courses

Learn the most widely spoken language in Europe! German skills can give you the edge in your global career.

The classes are planned and provided by the h_da language centre, which has long-standing experience in teaching foreign languages. You will be taught by qualified instructors of German as a foreign language who will pay special attention to your personal learning needs and interests.

WUP is offering a German language course that is included in the programme fee. The course is offered on different levels.  According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) the levels are:

Basic Level 1 (A1 CEFR)

Beginners with no knowledge of German

Basic Level 2 (A2 CEFR)

Students with little knowledge of German

Intermediate Level 1 (B1 CEFR)

Students with a basic knowledge of German

You will be placed in the level suitable to your background.

Courses on higher levels can be offered on demand.

For a detailed description of the different language levels and self-assessment check the europass-website.


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