Cultural Program

This overview of free time activities will give you an idea what has been offered in the past. Only selected activities will be offered each year.

Pizza night

Cosy get-together with conversations, warm/cool drinks and most importantly pizza.

Soccer Stadium Tour

Visit the Merck-Stadium, home of the SV Darmstadt 98, our local football club which regularly plays in the German premier league. The stadium with a capacity of 18.000 is being renovated since 2018 and features modern equipment, like a LED video wall. Come check it out if you want to know why Germans are so crazy about Fußball.

Cookie night

Decorate typical German "Lebkuchen" (gingerbread), not necessarily to be eaten, but as a unique souvenir to show your family and friends. Decorate your own, each other’s or everyone a part of every Lebkuchen. You neither need to be a cook nor an artist, just have fun while doing it together.

Retro games night

Too young to have played on a SNES by yourself? Always wanted to experience some of the classics? Then join us for some good old-fashioned couch co-op and form friendships (and rivalries) in gaming history's virtual gems.


Can't sing? Who cares, we can't either! Make unforgettable memories near the end of your stay with your fellow students and the friends you made along the way.

Day trip to Heidelberg

Heidelberg might just be one of the most beautiful cities of Germany. You will visit the romanticist castle overseeing the historic center and get to ride up and down in the funicular mountain railway. Afterwards you can go shopping or grab a bite while taking in the baroque German architecture.

Indoor rock climbing

Ready to test your grip? Then join us in Darmstadt's Boulderhouse. In this free-climbing paradise, you'll be able to test your skill and learn a few tricks. There's a course for everyone from beginner to pro. Just be sure to bring sports clothes and a pair of sturdy shoes.

Movie night

Calmly end a day of classes at Media Campus Dieburg in our very own cinema hall for a German movie, pizza and a generally good time. Learn German (with English subtitles) and get to know German culture and media better.

Darmstadt City Tour

During our guided a city tour, you will get to know the city centre of Darmstadt. Experience the rich architecture and troubled history of Darmstadt. See the iconic Mathildenhöhe and its surrounding Jugendstil architecture and learn how a princess from Darmstadt became the last Tsaritsa of Russia and why only one building in Darmstadt survived World War II.

Ice skating

Sunday in Germany and everything's closed? Then join us for a round or two in Darmstadt's indoor ice-skating rink. Doesn't matter if it's your first time or you're a skating natural. There's enough space for everyone and your peers are sure to help you get started.

Day trip to Frankfurt

Only 30 min. away from Darmstadt lies the financial heart of Europe and maybe the place where you first stepped foot on German soil. Here you will get a guided tour of the recently reconstructed old town which features remnants of an old Roman settlement. Enjoy this glimpse into the past of our international metropolis while relaxing at a coffee store, visiting a museum or shopping at nearby stores.