„The winter university program was very good!! I had loads of fun and made so many new friends, learned a lot while having fun and getting to know a new country and its culture.”

Isabella G., Mexico, WUP 2023

„It’s a really good experience! Meet lots of new people, learn lots of new knowledge and Germany culture, Thanks for the nice employees and assistances. It’s an impressive memory ever!”

Eloise C., Taiwan, WUP 2023

„Go to Germany, but specifically, with this program. It’s a super fun and easy way to experience Europe, and you will meet so many great people!”

Micah H., USA, WUP 2023

„My experience was better than I could ever imagine. Not only I learnt and had contact with new concepts and technology but also immersed in another culture and could meet people from around the globe."

Luisa N., Brazil, WUP 2023

„You gain everything on this program. A deeper understanding of yourself and others, knowledge about other cultures, professionalism, networking, friends, and an appreciation of you own country as well. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. I’m really glad I came.”

Pushkar B., USA, WUP 2023

„The International Winter University was a great learning opportunity. I feel that I have learned experience more about other cultures that in 3 weeks than I have in my life.“

Shelby P., USA, WUP 2020

„The IWU 2019-20 has been an eye-opening experience. It is my first time in Germany and this short term program has made my trip a rewarding one.“

Francis N., Australia, WUP 2020

„WUP 2020 gives me opportunity to experience short international study. As a marketing student, it is important for us to improve our social ability. Here in this program, we totally accept our difference. We came from various background. The beautiful part is when we can understand and embrace it!“

Student from Indonesia, WUP 2020